Should I Hire a Handyman or a Professional Contractor for my Remodeling Project?

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You’ve asked a friend about that remodeling project and yet you’re still not sure whether to hire a handyman or get a professional contractor. This article will help you understand which jobs are fit for handymen and which ones need the services of a professional contractor.

One of the things that could making you more confused is the number of repair jobs in your home, which seem to be piling up.

Your to-do list includes many different remodeling projects such as retiling your floor, applying new paint on your home’s exterior and interior, replacing your toilet, installing a new dishwasher and more. This can really be confusing. Do you need to find a handyman company to work on all these projects or hire several workers to handle each of the projects differently? Let’s look at the differences between professional contractors and handyman services.

Professional Contractor Vs. Handyman Services

Despite the fact that you might find a handyman to handle all your remodeling projects, understand that there are things that should only be done by professional contractors. A handyman is limited in such a way that there are certainly specialized trades that he may not be qualified and licensed to handle.

Remodeling projects that involve plumbing work and electrical work should be done by well-trained professionals and require licensing. That means you should first find out if the handyman has been licensed to handle such projects. If not, you should find a specialized company that’s licensed and insured. Remember specialized trades like plumbing and others usually have local code requirements that must be met during repair or installation.

If you hire someone who isn’t well informed on the local code requirements, you might pay more to fix the mistakes made by the unlicensed individual. You can avoid such and other damages that may occur by working with a licensed contractor.

When it comes to large remodeling projects like home addition, you need to work with a highly qualified general contractor. Such projects need technical expertise and utilize specialized equipment and machinery. They also need more than one type of licensing which means you must work with a highly professional contractor. As much as a qualified handyman may be able to fix some of your smaller projects, he is not fit to tackle such huge projects.

The difference between a handyman and a remodeling contractor, therefore, lies in the fact that one is able to deal with huge remodeling projects that take time and need a lot of coordination while the other can only handle smaller projects that require a few hours or just a day.

If you find a company that has both a general contractor’s license and handymen who can handle your small projects, that’s still fine. Just make sure whoever is working on your project is licensed and experienced in what they are doing.