How to Repair Drywall

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The amateur handyman can repair drywall with our simple steps below. Damage to drywall happens all the time. You do not want to have to hire a professional repairman for this project. You will save money if you follow our simple instructions on how to repair drywall in your home.

The most common damage to drywall is just small dings and dents in the wall. You will see these in every home that has drywall. These happen from hanging pictures or bumping into walls or random accidents.

Drywall Dents

You can fix these small issues very easily. First scrape away any loose debris from the dent in the drywall. Then fill the dent with spackle as smooth as possible. Fill the whole with more spackle as need be. Once full, sand the dent until the wall is smooth. You can then paint over the dent to match the rest of the drywall.

Drywall Nails

For popped nail heads protruding from the wall, drive in a drywall screw about 1 inch above the nail head that is emerging from the wall. Drive in the nail with a hammer and then spackle over the nail head and the drywall screw and paint over both dents.

Doorknob Damage

Damage to drywall from doorknobs can be repaired with a small patch kit you can purchase at your local hardware store or online. Cover the patch from the kit over the hole and then use a drywall knife to spread joint compound over the hole in the wall and the patch.

Spread the compound in a criss-cross pattern and then feather the edges so the compound blends into the wall. Let it dry and then add more compound if necessary and repeat the process.

For similar sized wholes you can measure a square area around the hole and then cut a piece that size from excess drywall from when it was installed or new drywall from the hardware store. Now saw out the damaged portion of the drywall and replace it with the new square. Cover the new square with joint compound.

Large Holes

You can repeat this process with larger holes in the wall but the new pieces of drywall will need to be supported with drywall screws.

To repair damaged corners in your drywall use a razor and cut out the corner piece and then chisel it from the wall. Now install a corner piece the same size and spread compound over the corners.

Finish all the repairs with sanding and paint. If the wall is texture you will need to mix compound and water and flick the mixture onto the wall for texture. You can also purchase texture spray from the hardware store.

You can repair drywall in just a hour or two depending on the size of the holes or dents and what materials are on hand in your home. This project revitalizes the look of your home and is very easy to complete. You will be proud once your drywall looks brand new again in your home!