How to Prepare for Carpet Cleaners

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Homeowners and renters should hire a professional carpet cleaning Chicago service one time every 12 months to maintain the quality of their carpet and to help to extend the lifetime of the carpet too. This is because professional services are able to remove dirt that is deeper than what a vacuum cleaner can remove.

There are ways to prepare for carpet cleaners before the appointment that can help the appointment go much faster if your schedule is very busy. Here is how to prepare for carpet cleaners coming to your home:

During the scheduling call, provide as much detail as possible to ensure the carpet cleaner brings all of the necessary solutions and equipment. The more information you provide during your initial phone call, the more prepared the carpet cleaner will be when he arrives at your home.

You should de-clutter your home as much as possible. This means you should pick up any shoes, books, magazines, toys or other items lying on the carpet. It is not mandatory but anything left on the floor will just need to be relocated during the appointment if it isn’t done beforehand.

Several companies will vacuum for you before beginning their deep cleaning process but if you want to vacuum beforehand this might save the company some time.

We also recommend relocating smaller furniture items. This includes dining room chairs, end tables, ottomans, coffee tables and lamps. You can move items like recliners and sofas too but most of the time the company is willing to move those types of furniture. If you want the company to clean beneath entertainment centers or pianos or clothing dressers, you will probably need to move those items on your own.

You should unplug electronics and lighting and move them to a different room to. The cords will slow down the company and the worker could trip on one during the cleaning. Most companies will not move electronics or valuable items in your home.

If it is during the summer or warmer months in Chicago, you should run your air conditioner or floor and ceiling fans. The circulation will help the carpet dry faster and the technicians will probably appreciate the cool breeze during the cleaning process.

If you live with pets, we recommend leaving your pet outdoors during the service or putting them somewhere in your home where the carpet cleaners won’t be. Your door will be opened and closed several times and you don’t want your pet escaping. You also don’t want the carpet cleaners to trip over the pet. Many pets are scared by strangers to so you should probably move the pet for its own safety and for the appointment to be more efficient.

You can move your car or vehicle so that the company can park their van or truck as close to the entryway of your home as possible. This will allow easier access for them to your home and make trips in and out of your home much faster. Some companies need to be close in order for the hoses and other equipment from their van to reach different rooms in your home.

Follow these tips and it should lead to an effective and efficient carpet cleaning appointment.