DIY Demolition Before a Kitchen Remodel

Posted by on July 30, 2017 in Home Care | Comments Off on DIY Demolition Before a Kitchen Remodel


In our last post, we explained how to prepare your home before professional carpet cleaners arrive. In today’s post, we are going to explain how to prepare for a kitchen remodel before the professional builders and designers arrive, including demolition.

A full kitchen remodel is not cheap. You can save yourself a lot of money during the process with DIY projects and initial preparation of the remodel. This means you can complete the demolition process before the remodelers and builders arrive for the project.

To demolish or tear down your current kitchen, you will need a drill, a sledgehammer, safety gear and protective eye wear and maybe some helping hands. You should also rent a dumpster for a weekend. You will need the dumpster to remove larger pieces of drywall, flooring or cabinetry as well as any appliances you plan to replace during the remodel.

You don’t have to throw away all of the old cabinets, countertops and appliances. You can try to sell them online for a reasonable price to try to help offset some of the costs of the remodel or you can donate them if they are in good shape. Otherwise, you can simply throw out all of the old wood and materials into the dumpster.

Be careful when demolishing the kitchen. There will be loose nails at times and some of the tools are heavy and dangerous too. You will probably need to loosen cabinets and countertops from their screws or nails before attempting to demolish them or knock them free of their support with the sledgehammer or a handheld hammer or tool.

You also want to be sure that the power is turned off in the kitchen. Locate your home’s circuit breaker box and turn off all of the breakers for the kitchen. You don’t want to accidentally come into contact with “live” wires in your wall during the demolition.

We also recommend purchasing or renting a dolly for moving the appliances and other larger items. You don’t want to suffer from a back or shoulder injury due to lifting extremely heavy items out of the kitchen and to the dumpster.

Plan on the demolition requiring an entire weekend to complete. The more help you have the faster the demolition will go. You can usually find one or two friends or neighbors willing to help on a demolition assuming you would be willing to help them on a DIY home repair project of theirs in the future.

You can save several hundreds of dollars during a kitchen remodel if you complete the demolition process on your own. This will mean less time the builders and remodelers will need to spend on the project, More often than not the cost of the labor is one of the highest costs during a home repair or a remodel.

You can cut that cost down the more you do on your own. Other DIY projects you could complete as part of a kitchen remodel would be to install a tile backsplash or to pain the walls on your own. You could save even more money if you left the cabinets in tact and simply repainted them or refaced them.