Necessary Tools for Electrical Repairs

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electrical repair

Carrying out electrical repairs can be extremely dangerous if you are not using proper tools and right technique.

No matter if you are a professional electrician or DIY enthusiast, investing in some of the basic and necessary electrical tools is beneficial for ensuring that you build safe electrical connections.

These functional tools will make your life easier and also allow you to handle the electrical repairs in a timely and safe manner! So bookmark this link and select the qualitative and branded tools which should always have in your toolbox!

Channel Lock Pliers:

Made of high carbon steel, gripping jaws of channel pliers help in building a strong grip on an object. No matter what is the size of the object, channel lock pliers are adjustable to form a tough and sturdy grip and prevent it from slipping. The handles are insulated to provide a comfortable grip and protect against electrical current too.

This is a versatile tool to have in your home as it helps in tightening of various connectors and take knockouts out of the boxes along with tightening of wires, bolts and cables. It can help in carrying out plumbing tasks also along with electrical repairs.

Fish Tape:

In layman words, fish tape is a flat tempered tape made up of spring steel and is used in pulling stranded electrical wires and cables through a conduit or any other place which is difficult to access. It can be beneath sub-floors, under the carpet or even in the wall space!

They are available in different variants ranging from 25 to 200 feet, so you can buy the one as per your requirement. They are manufactured in a manner to reduce the wrist strain and friction in the cables leading to successful and smooth pulling.


The most basic tool which every handyman should possess is a screwdriver. Available in variety of sizes to tighten and loose the nuts of various widths, screwdriver is the must have accessory in your tool box.

This tool with flat bladed end with a linear notch at the top helps in adjusting screws, fixings and bolts. Nuts and bolts have single slotted heads and thus require something to twist them so as to ensure that they are tightened or loosened and then the respective circuit box is tightly closed or opened as per the requirement.

Circuit Tester:

There are many electricity outlets which when stop working then we are unable to determine if it is not deriving electricity or there is something wrong with wiring.

A circuit tester helps in knowing if the outlet is ‘hot’ or present with electricity or the lamp is broken and the problem is with its plug! It is versatile, quick and very easy to operate.

All you have to do is to insert it in the outlet and if it glows then it means it is the electricity is present and there is something to do with the device that is plugged in. you can also use it to check the headlights and battery of your car!