Necessary Tools to Install Carpet

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However, most of the homeowners prefer to call professionals to complete the renovation and remodeling task. But if you are the one who wants to fix it yourself then it is essential to have the right set of tools to accomplish the job. They are many in numbers and perform the dedicated task.

Last post we discussed electrical repair tools. This time we are going to talk about carpet installation projects and the essential tools required to complete such projects. Go through the details below to find the best solution for your needs:

  • Carpet Knife:

The very first this that you need is carpet knife. This knife is capable enough to cut the pieces of carpet very cleanly so that you can fix it well on the floor as well as on stairway. Professionals often prefer to buy a linoleum knife that is efficient enough to complete carpet installation jobs.

  • Carpet Seam Roller:

The carpet seam roller is used for removing the irregularities from the carpet so that it can smoothly cover the area and can stay flat. It can easily help to meld two carpet pieces together during carpet installation so that they can be used easily in the targeted area.

  • Power Stretcher:

The stretcher is rated as one of the most important tools for carpet installation jobs. However, this tool uses to be pricey so the best idea is to rent it whenever you need to install carpet at home.

  • Squeezer Set:

Some carpets require additional force to make precise layering between two pieces. The Squeezer set is used for this purpose and it helps to complete the installation task fast.

  • Carpet Tape:

A tape is required whenever two pieces of carpet are needed to be joined together. These tapes come in several variants and can be used on all types of floor carpets. You can buy no heat tapes o fiberglass based tapes for most of the projects.

  • Trimmer and Trowel:

These tools are required to set the carpet on wall-edges with a clean appearance. It also helps to trim the carpet in a very crisp manner to get professional like look for your installation.

  • Large magnet:

The large magnet serves two purposes. You can use this tool to clean the floorboard after tearing the carpet as well as it can be used like a weight on edges of the carpet while spreading it in the area.

  • Carpet Spreader:

This tool is used along with knee kicker and it can help you to stretch your carpet in such a way that it can have perfect wall to wall finish. Carpet spreader also helps to get rid of wrinkles and folds so that a professional like project completion can be achieved.

  • Knee Kicker:

It is almost same as that of carpet stretcher but it is commonly used to set carpet at small spaces and stairs etc. You will find it useful while completing the carpet installation task in a big area.